2. hawkeye vs. deadpool #001

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  3. Selina Kyle’s character design, by Darwyn Cooke.

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    i still think about the atla finale a lot /HAPPY SIGHHHHHH

    (this was for a postcard, i made the elements glossy and now i can’t stop playing with it wah)

  5. Cate Blanchett, Zhou Xun, and Emily Blunt for Portofino, A Sparkle to the Wrist.

    I am in love <3

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    sailor moon, doing moon stuff with her moon swords

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    Paper art by Morgana Wallace on Tumblr

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    Darkest, foulest Blood Magick

  10. Selina Kyle, from the new Gotham series (which I’m not thrilled about but I still watch because it’s Batman related…) and cats.

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  13. Legend of Korra | Book 4: Balance Official Trailer | Nick

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