2. The Art of Porco Rosso


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    Legend of Korra animation linetests by Inseung Choi.

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    Kiki’s Delivery Service, watercolor concept sketches, Part II

    Scanned from The Art of Kiki’s Delivery Service.

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    Red Lotus Band by Ki-Hyun Ryu

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    A Vampire Valkyrie!

    I liked the line art version of it as well.

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    I read Neil Gaiman’s “Stardust” recently and doodled the severely pissed off and feisty fallen star, Yvaine.

  8. "I miss the old me."

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    long time no post! i went on vacation in june, and upon my return started working on an intensive freelance project with a tight deadline. all other free time was spent watching one of the best shows i’ve ever had the pleasure to watch: battlestar galactica. so i managed to find a few minutes free here and there to draw my three favorite characters from that show :) just started season 4! so sad that i have only this season left :’(

    will be posting more starting next week!

  11. by Zako

  12. by Zako

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    this is my only hypothesis

    Yep. Good theory.

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